The London Personal Stylist & Shopper “How to find the perfect pair of shoes”

I was out on one of my Personal Stylist ventures, personal shopping in Selfridges, on possibly one of the coldest days in March ever. But Selfridges’ stylish window display of shoes brought instant warmth to me.

I saw what lay ahead in the near future of the shoe world and we will soon be graced with colourful heels on our feet that will be sure to put a spring in our step. A pair of Jimmy Choos please Mr. Selfridges!

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As a London Personal Stylist and Style Coach, women often tell me how they hate shopping, give up and end up buying another pair of shoes. I see drawers and cupboards filled with similar looking shoes at my clients lovely homes. When you add it all up, that’s a big amount of money for something that is not doing much for you.

I am probably one of the biggest shoe loving Personal Stylists in the world and I completely understand when it has been a difficult shopping day, with that horrendous fluorescent lighting in the fitting rooms that presents a ghastly reflection in the mirror that makes you want to scream! And buying yet another pair of black heels may seem like a quick fix with an easy way out, but it will NOT update your wardrobe.

So here are a few tips to get it right!

  • Identify what kind of shoes you are actually missing from your collection. After a wardrobe detox with StyleFig, you will identify exactly what items would make your wardrobe perfectly complete.
  • Shop for shoes at the end of the day. Feet swell and are a different size at the end of the day. The way a person’s shoe fits in the morning may differ later in the day.
  • The average person walks 3 times around the world plus several million trips to the bathroom, so don’t buy plastic shoes – you get what you pay for! Good quality leather with leather soles will adapt to your foot and a good quality shoe will make the outfit look chic!
  • Wedge shoes, platform, kitten heels or a big square heel, will still give good posture and make your feet/legs look great without the discomfort. With normal high heels, I always use soles which make it a lot more comfortable for the base of the foot.
  • Shoes should be comfortable in the store before purchase. An uncomfortable shoe in the store will still be uncomfortable outside the store. People do not grow into shoes. Shoe sizes vary between brands, so always try them on standing up and always do a test walk.
  • Buy the right size. If you are a size 7 don’t try to play Cinderella and squeeze into a size 6! Shoes that are too big or too small can increase pressures on the foot which lead to corns.
  • Buy shoes that match the natural shape of your foot. The shoe should allow adequate room for the arch and different contours of a person’s foot.


  • Buy the right shoe for the right job. Not all shoes are made to perform the same tasks. For a party, make sure you purchase party heels, which look stylish but remain comfortable. Trainers are a big part of the current fashion scene, so a great pair of street trainers can make you look very chic and be comfortable!
  • Even a lover of heels like me owns some flats. I normally carry a pair of flats with me when personal shopping, styling clients or between events. Shoe manufacturers design shoes for specific uses. To use a shoes outside their design can lead to injury.
  • Wear the right size heels! Be honest with yourself, or get a friend to watch you walk in your heels. If you find it difficult to walk in a particular set of heels, it’s better to have someone tell you than to risk walking like a duck. Heels should complement your posture and help you to look more elegant not less. Find heels that highlight your beauty!

If you would like the pleasure of wardrobe or shopping advice and want to save time and money, please feel free to contact me or drop me a line on 07975650753.

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