My Best Buy from Nine West

With a few hours of joyful relaxation, before embarking on another assignment, I decided to enjoy my garden. But the normally perky pink roses were already dropping their petals and reminded me that autumn wasn’t that far off.

So I decided that I wouldn’t let those petals go to waste, so to make the best of the situation, I used them to shoot a few photos with my new sparkly shoes from Nine West.

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Do You Feel HOT Everyday ?


What makes you feel HOT? Think back to a day when you felt really great or received lots of compliments.

What was it that you did to get that feeling? Put on your favourite lipstick? Dance to your favourite tune? If you haven’t already done so, why not make a list and add one of your favorite things each day.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer!

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Gucci in the Green

My Favorite Gucci bagMy Favorite Gucci bag My Favorite Gucci bag

My Favorite Gucci bag

Gucci in the GreenMy Favorite Gucci bag

Okay the weather hasn’t been great and as you can see I’m actually walking in a flooded road in our park. But a ray of sunshine came through and I ran out to catch a bit of vitamin D for myself and my favorite Gucci bag. Nature is almost fool-proof when it comes to boosting your mood and self-esteem. And amazingly, it only takes five minutes!

According to one survey, regardless of what they were doing or where they were, all people saw improvements in self-esteem and mood after exercising outdoors.

People saw the greatest self-esteem changes while doing light-intensity exercise and after being outside for just five minutes. The biggest mood changes occurred after light and vigorous workouts, also after just five minutes.

The most uplifting places to exercise was around water and while all age groups saw mood and self-esteem boosts, people between the ages of 30 and 50 experienced the greatest lift.

So I recommend that all you lovely ladies enjoy a trip outside to enjoy the green, regardless of rain or mud… It’s a mood booster and a self-esteem pick me up! Another great mood boster is shoe shopping which you will need after all the rain and mud has ruined your other shoes! :)

What I’m wearing: Bag Gucci; Jacket with leather sleeves Zara; Pants Banana Republic; Shirt TK Maxx; Earrings Chanel; Bracelet Nakamol; Oh and the shoes in mud; Kurt Geiger, that soon will be replaced with another mood boosting pair! :) 

The Key to Style Confidence

I couldn’t help but take a couple of photos of these lovely ladies. They oozed effortless style and confidence – the type that makes you want to look twice! So how do they do it?

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Something Unique & Precious

Being in an adventurous mood, I wandered into the inspirational Shoreditch area, where I chanced upon a charming collection of jewellery and met the owner, Alessandra Grillo, who I now refer to as my Italian Jewel Lady.

I browsed through her unique jewellery which is highly individual with rings and bangles sliced up with see-through gemstones, lacy filigree, multi-task earrings and other beautiful pieces! She harboured a passion for antique jewellery and an old silversmith technique with the goal of building a bridge between the past and present.

I think she does it beautifully. Take a look at the pictures I shot below and decide for yourself…

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How to Choose the Right Colours for You

“What colours should I wear?” I often get asked this question and I’ve heard so many differing and conflicting views. It’s no wonder that so many women are confused and even scared of using colours!

But wearing the right colours can give you amazing results with your appearance and how you feel – fact! So let’s start by taking a look at the photos I took of these beautiful ladies and consider some reasons why the colours they chose worked so well for them.

Chic Colours

As this lovely lady has a slight pink tone to her skin, the clear blue colour matches her skin tone well, while the beige coat provides a lovely contrast. This is a great example of working with cold tones.

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Stylish Shine

I am a shoe person but not just any shoes will do, I have to get a ‘shoe crush’ before I buy them. This crush turns into love and then I can’t just throw them away. So top tip to you shoe lovers out there! I gave these old pair of silver shoes a paint touch up and attached two shiny brooches and VOILA! a pair of new shoes for my very special occasion.

Stylish Shine

Stylish Shine

Glass from Cologne & Cotten. Pieces that can inspire your outfits…

Stylish Shine

I love an easy to wear and unique piece. Just put it on and you’re good to go!

Lovely in Leather

I do love it when opposites attract! These girls just add a bit of leather and it just gives such a lovely edge and a bit of personality to their style.  Why not try to take a flowy summer dress and add a pair of rough boots and scarf or a statement necklace, to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe? For this spring, try to add a few new accessories you don’t already have. This can greatly enhance the look of the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Lovely Leather
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Juicy Pastel Colours

Spring colors

Photo Credits:,

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