Top Tips for Getting the Best Out of the Summer Sale!

I don’t know about you but I’m already getting bombarded with sale events. So before the great summer sale really kicks off and you get completely high off all the great offers and promises of the money you can save, consider a few tips that will help you to buy the right things and avoid shopping mistakes :)
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French Connection Meets Marc Jacobs

Today I just wanted to post these photos of two pairs of shoes that came together and made one great pair of shoes. This might inspire you to get creative and customise your own designer shoe.
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Imperfect Perfection

I love to find beauty in imperfection. Very often you can find beauty in what some people might consider imperfect. Just like the wall in these pictures…
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The Stylist & The Hat

I’m not sure why, but I suddenly got such a craving to buy a hat. Maybe I got the inspiration from earlier on when I complimented an elderly gentleman on his stylish attire, amazing vintage Cartier sunglasses and a very stylish 1930s hat.

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Wear a Splash of Powerful Optimism & Light

I was so excited that summer was coming. I was so busy planning other people’s wardrobes before I went on my trip, that I was left with very little time to pack some items that could pull my travel wardrobe together. So here’s a glimpse of what I packed, to give myself that summer feeling in a few secs.

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Gucci Shoes Makeover

There is nothing better than a good pair of shoes and I just could not make myself throw out these pair of really old Gucci shoes. Take a look at how I gave them a makeover!

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Future Fashion Tip… Lacey Sunshine into 2013

I have had this lace skirt for 4 years now and it still works with so many things. It’s still hot on the catwalk and will be all the way into 2013. Read on to see why…

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BLISS by the Beach & How to Travel Light

When the pulse of London gets too high, this is where I go to unwind, the stunning west coast of Denmark. I absolutely love this raw and amazing place. You can walk for hours and not meet a single person. The views are nothing less than incredible. So here’s how I quickly pack for a week away, with only hand luggage…

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My Best Buy: Zara Shoes

Finally I had a chance to fly out from busy London to enjoy some amazingly sunny days in the land that flows with Carlsberg, amazing design and the home of stunning super model Helena Christensen. Yes, you guessed it – Denmark. I had a little read in Marie Claire on my flight and was happy to spot these shoes from Zara as being a ‘Best Buy’, because I bought them 2 months ago!

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Extraordinary Jewellery For 2012

When I first saw these amazing chunky gold bracelets from the British designer, Alice Menter, in one of my favorite fashion magazines, Harpers Bazaar, it did make my stylist heart beat a bit faster with joy. I absolutely love these chunky gold bracelets with its extraordinary and stunning design!

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