Simple Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer!

I am so excited to show you these amazing Sam Edelman nude wedges I have received from these are my choice of a great and light summer shoe. I normally don’t like buying too much online (I like to touch stuff before buying) but I have to say the service level and the info emails were really good and everything was super easy.

So I just snapped a few photos of the lovely shoes in my garden and I am sure they also will be used with an outfit on this blog very soon.

I just want to share a few Simple Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

  • Wear a nude shoe – a nude shoe, one that blends with the colour of your skin on your foot, will make your legs look longer by creating a seamless transition from skin to shoe.
  • Choose your shoes wisely
    One of the simplest ways to add length to your legs is to slip on a pair of high heels. A heel will not only give you extra height, it also creates the illusion of a shapelier, elongated leg. Avoid ankle boots and ankle straps — they cut off the line of the leg, making even long legs look shorter. Not a fan of high heels? Look for flats with an open or a little pointy toe or a slight wedge heel.
  • Avoid cropped pants – cropped pants shorten your legs. Keep your trousers as long as possible to create the longest unbroken line which will elongate your pins
  • Wear a heel – yes it’s obvious, it does actually add some extra inches to your height and the length of your legs.
  • Match your shoes to your pants or hosiery
    A monochromatic look creates a clean line and draws the eye upwards. Match your shoes to your hosiery and pants, and if you really want to create a long look, carry the colour throughout your entire outfit. Stick to dark or muted colours to maintain a lean look all over, I’d advice to keep trousers to neutral colours. But update the look with great accessories.

There are more ways to elongate your lovely legs, but I must admit to be a heel-oholic and I can’t wait to wear my new summer wedges from

11 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer!

  1. Det er nogle super gode tips og sikke nogle fantastiske sko – lige sådan nogle jeg mangler 😉 Jeg har rimelig lange ben, men hvis man kan ‘snyde’ sig til endnu længere er jeg kun glad :)

  2. That’s great advice! And very lovely shoes. I don’t feel comfortable buying shoes off the internet – the size varies too much. But it sounds like you had some good service. Did they tell you the size in cm, perhaps?

  3. Really good advice! Fortunately, I’m blessed with very long legs and as I love high heels as well, I don’t have any problems with my legs :-)

    Mary Jane

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