What Are Your HOT POINTS?

I was on my way to a styling event in London yesterday and running late because I wanted to get started on this blog. And the thought that popped into my head was this…
What Are Your HOT POINTS?What Are Your HOT POINTS?
What Are Your HOT POINTS?What Are Your HOT POINTS?What Are Your HOT POINTS?What Are Your HOT POINTS?

What are you bright points

From my styling experience over the years, I’ve seen that women can be very hard on themselves in life, especially in the fitting room.

But we all have the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You just have to focus on your best features and decide to enhance them with the right kind of clothes!
That is what I have tried to do with this outfit today. Can you guess what features I want people to notice? I have placed a splash of colour to emphasise my legs, I have always liked them better than my arms. After a lot of horse riding you develop arms that could arm wrestle an army.

So look at yourself, find your hot points and enhance them with, colour, jewellery, pattern or any detail that asks for attention.

The art of clever dressing is to cleverly place colour or details where you want people to look and disguise your less favourite places with more muted colours or tailored fits.
For example, if you’re not so tall and would like to appear taller always place the most colour or details on your top half.

So ladies, enjoy your hot points and the world will enjoy it with you.
What I’m wearing: Trench coat, Ted Baker; Knitwear, Fenn Wright Manson; Skirt and bag, Zara; Necklace, Chanel; Shoes Kurt Geiger.

5 thoughts on “What Are Your HOT POINTS?

  1. I love this look of yours. I would say, perfection. yes, indeed. right colours, perfect accessories, great hair.
    I which I could wear something like this and looking so stylish :-)

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