The Stylist & The Hat

I’m not sure why, but I suddenly got such a craving to buy a hat. Maybe I got the inspiration from earlier on when I complimented an elderly gentleman on his stylish attire, amazing vintage Cartier sunglasses and a very stylish 1930s hat.

The Stylist & The Hat

I had 10 minutes before jumping on the train from Liverpool Street station, when I spotted this hat for only £12… Great bargain - check! Bad hair day - check! £12 - check!So I bought my very first hat and remembered my dad’s words: ”people who wear a good hat always look very stylish”.

Well, I never thought I was a hat person, but at some point in life maybe everyone needs a hat and I know it’s been just perfect for those London rainy days as it is today… BAD hair day? What bad hair day? I have my hat ;)

What I’m Wearing: Hat: Tie Rack; Jacket: Zara; Trousers: Crea Concept; Bag: Vintage Chanel bag; Ankle boots: Nine West.

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