Stylish Mums Part 2

As promised, following on from Stylish Mums Part 1, here is the second instalment in the series, from your London Personal Stylist.

I’m glad I met this beautiful lady, who turned out to be a new mum. I could not resist her beautiful glow and help noticing how fabulous she looked as a new mum. She was rushing to get a cake for the family, but still was kind enough to allow me a few minutes of her time. I loved the fact that she even had given herself a little ‘me time’ and had her nails done to perfection! Her clothes, I thought, were a great choice for a busy London mum.

Stylish mums

Stylish mums

I spotted this beautiful bracelet at Austique.

4. Simplify your makeup bag. It’s totally okay to have the same easy and quick makeup routine: tinted moisturiser, a little blush and a good mascara, can go a long way. Have a second little makeup bag handy in case you don’t have time to complete a full face in the morning. If you book an apoitnment for a new hair-do, manicure and pedicure, or a massage, make an appointment right away for next time. That’s one less thing to worry about and you’re making sure of some ‘me time’. If you do not have time during the day (as most mums don’t), try relaxing after the kids have been put to bed. Give yourself a little TLC, with a body scrub which can be made simply from salt and olive oil. Moisturise with a good cream and use a buffing cube to make your hands and feet looking lovely, without having to maintain a full manicure.

5. ‘Chic’ and easy hairstyle… or at least a style that you can manage even if you’re half asleep! Again since time is an issue, try to get it cut so you get the most out of what nature gave you. The right cut means you spend less time on your hair and more time with your child, but still look like you’ve got everything under control – including your hair!

6. Quality, not quantity! I am all for getting your wardrobe to work harder for you, without having to spend too much. So the smaller your collection, the easier it is to dress every morning. And just because it has to be practical, it does not have to be boring! See how a wardrobe detox can make things simple and effective for you!

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