What does your style reveal about you?

One of the greatest things about style is using it to tell others about you. This is what I love about the first lady’s picture that I shot below; her mix between new and vintage and timeless choices. Her beautiful 70s crocodile bag (given to her by her mother) gives her style and great personality. You can see she is happy and very comfortable with her own style.

Stylish on the streetStylish on the street


I was always told as a little girl “you are what you eat”. Likewise, I would apply the same principle to “you are what you wear”. By this, I mean you have the ability to influence how you define and feel about yourself in a positive way. You have a choice in how you portray yourself and letting others sense this positive attitude. But if you are wearing the wrong type of clothes, whatever the occasion, you won’t feel good and that is exactly the signal that’s sent out to other people!

But thankfully It’s very simple and relatively easy to turn negatives to positives and make it a reality. You can choose to get your wardrobe to work for you, so that when you open it, you instantly have access to a set of clothes which you truly love and that makes you feel comfortable. You can relax and feel confident, knowing that you are sending out positive signals. So it is quite important, not only in terms of what others perceive when they meet you, but more importantly how you feel and think about yourself.

You can influence your inner feelings with your outer appearance. Think back to the last time you really made an effort to look your best… More than likely, you felt really good about yourself. Once you realise the art of what is possible (that you can feel like that everyday), you will be wondering why you did not do this sooner!

But you might say ‘it’s too difficult, takes too much time, too much money to find my perfect style’. And I hear you. But try this exercise:

1) Go to your wardrobe and count how many items of clothing you really love and wear regularly…
2) Now compare this to the rest of the left-over items; count these up and estimate how much of these items, that you don’t wear, have cost you.
3) Consider: How much time are you spending on saying no to, and passing over, the same clothes on a daily basis and settling for getting dressed with items which you think are ‘just okay’? How long does it take you before you do find something to wear? This is valuable time spent that could have been used in a more constructive and progressive way.

Not to mention the amount of money you have spent on repeat purchases and items that you don’t particularly love. What have you bought over the last 6 months or even just the last 3 months? Do you dare add it together and get a total? And hand on heart, how much of it has become your favorite clothing?

Now that you’ve done the math, think about how much you could save, simply by going through a wardrobe detox with a professional wardrobe stylist. And more importantly, think about how much confidence you will get when you choose to invest in your style and thereby yourself.

See what some of my clients had to say about their experience:

“Even though I had so many clothes in my wardrobe I still could never find anything to wear and felt I was always just wearing the same. When Kristina went through my wardrobe, she talked me through exactly what suited my body shape, the right colours and helped me pinpoint what suited my style core. I had a huge pile of clothes that was not right for my figure and Kristina created outfits out of clothes I had never thought of putting together. When she dressed me in them, it made me look and feel great!” Lena, 40

“I had got to the point where I no longer wanted to go out shopping anymore, I hated the clothes in my wardrobe. My stylist cleared out my wardrobe and got rid of all my fashion mistakes, showed me how to work what I had left and made a list of exactly what we needed to get on our shopping trip. I couldn’t believe how easy she made the shopping session. She showed me clothes I had never considered wearing and showed me how to mix and march new purchases into a variety of outfits. The sessions gave me the confidence boost I needed. Now every time I go to the wardrobe, It’s so great and easy to find what to wear because now I have so much choice!” Lisette 38

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