Stylish Mums Part 1

In truth, the demands of motherhood can easily take the glamour out of your life – if you let them! Of course, motherhood may change your fashion direction, but there are simple alternatives that I, as a stylist, recommend to get your wardrobe continue working for you. So here are a few tips!

Stylish mums

Stylish mumsStylish mumsStylish mums

1. Create a Signature Uniform. Stay away from dry clean only. Have outfits that flatter your body shape and that are appropriate for your lifestyle. Go for timeless pieces and quality. Choose colours that make your skin look amazing and make you feel good. Go for easy to wash materials, but good natural fabrics. Stick to a certain colour palette so that it is easier to mix and match, it will also be easier on your budget. Feel free to contact me for more tips and advice on wardrobe styling.

2. You Can Keep it Trendy. You can carry off current trends while being true to your lifestyle. As a stylist I know just how important it is to have a simple well-fitted capsule wardrobe and update it with accessories, and always have good quality shoes and bags! Classic fashion will always be chic – crisp, white sweaters with flat-front trousers or pencil skirts; trench coats, tailored suits, jeans with refined knits; and wrap dresses in basic black, classically cut, leather pumps; tall boots and traditional ballet flats or a little wedge.

 3. Your Essential Shoes, Bags & Accessories. Now that  you have a baby to carry around, you might not want to run around in Louboutins… Well you might want to, but it’s not that comfortable. You will now desire a shoe that is a bit more stable and wearable for long hours. The great news is that there are many brands of shoes out there that can still be comfortable and stylish, which look great with trousers and dresses.

Earrings or necklaces (which are easy to rip off) might not be your best friend if you have small children. A great statement bracelet or scarf in fantastic colours is a great way to update your look. Purchasing the right versatile bag is a must; preferably one that looks great every day with your wardrobe and has enough room for a few kid essentials.

You can learn to shop like a stylist with some principles that will last you a life time. Contact me to find out more.

Stylish Mums Part 2, coming soon…

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