The Key to Style Confidence

I couldn’t help but take a couple of photos of these lovely ladies. They oozed effortless style and confidence – the type that makes you want to look twice! So how do they do it?

Stylish on the street

Stylish on the street

Remember the last time you looked into your closet and thought ‘Arrrgh, I’ve got nothing to wear’?

Every single day, we all have to make a decision (or a number of them!) on what to wear. It’s a strange feeling – you’re staring at a whole wardrobe full of clothing, yet somehow you feel like you don’t really have anything to wear.

For some women, it’s easy to get ready in a flash. They look effortlessly chic in no time and they’re ready to face the world.

Some worry, speculating about which clothes to put together, whilst others keep changing clothes, desperate to find an outfit and using up precious time in the process.

The result? They end up with an ‘okay’ outfit. I often talk about ‘okay’ outfits and you may ask ‘what does that mean?’ It means “I am reasonably neutral and not bothering anyone, but at the same time, I’m bored to tears when I look at myself in the mirror”.

My personal view is why settle for just feeling okay, when you have the potential to feel chic, content and stylish!

Obviously, it’s not just about what you wear, but more importantly how this makes you feel about yourself. How you dress is very much connected.

So the exercise for you this week is to challenge what you are saying about yourself. This is the first and most important step in the process of looking and feeling stylish. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you look in the mirror? Is it positive or negative?

The average woman looks in the mirror 30-60 times a day. So what message are you sending yourself each time you look in the mirror? I have styled many many women and very often they are so hard on themselves that they completely miss all their good features!

So next time, when you look at yourself, take the time to notice your good points. If you do this and enjoy your positive features, you will not only feel better about yourself but also be more motivated to take the next step and work on the things you’re less happy about.

5 thoughts on “The Key to Style Confidence

  1. Hello Kristina, just want to say that I love what you have done to this page, the new header with changing photos is great! Especially the picture with you and your signature! Great job! well done!
    Love, Silke

  2. this is a “cheering up” blog! :-) good thoughts, yes, I will try to see the good points. I agree to what you’re saying about feeling and clothing. that’s so true! thanks for this blog.

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