The Power of Red

Wearing red coats was the exclusive right of the nobility in medieval times and the red robes of kings, cardinals, judges and executioners announced their power over life and death. Today we see red carpets for special events, this gives the guests a feeling of status and the occasion an air of high importance.

Put simply, red is a powerful statement. Wearing this fiery hue can affect everything from how people perceive you, to your own personal performance.

I know the current trend is pastel, floral print and tribal, but as none of those fit well with my own personal style or wardrobe, I decided to be a little adventurous and add a splash of red into the mix instead.

If you feel the same and want to add a little pop of color here and want more effect and power, then check out my tips further down and take a look at some fab examples from the streets of London in the pics below…

Street style

The power of red

Street style

The power of red

The power of redThe power of red

The power of red

Know How to Wear Red Lipstick?
Red is a color that screams “I’m here and I’ve come to conquer.” It is also timeless and classic and one of the sexiest lip colours.

The Right Shade of Red
Here are a few hints to choose the right shade of red for your skin tone and hair color:

• Orangey reds – These shades are suitable for everyone but especially for those with olive-toned skin
• Pinker reds – Enhance darker skin tones
• Blueish reds – These shades look better on paler skin tones
• Pink and plum shades – Great for complexions with pink or red undertones, or for dark skin
• Warmer reds with brown undertones (e.g. brick shade of red) – Good for people with yellow skin tones
• Corals – will suit most people.

Red Lipstick and Age
Red lips are timeless, but it is important that you choose the right shade according to your age. Makeup experts agree that matte and bright shiny red lip shades work better on young skin because they give a ‘rock look’. Always use a matching red lip liner all over your lips, this makes the colour stay on for longer.

When we get older our lips get thinner. If there are alot of lines around your lips, avoid red lipstick altogether, as it will ‘run’ into your lines and look like the lipstick is ‘bleeding’. Instead, go for a neutral fresh lip shade and accentuate the eyes instead.

If your lips are red, don’t go overboard with the blush and eye makeup, otherwise it’s too much and cheap. Makeup should be subtle, almost neutral because a nude face with red lips makes it powerful. Eyes should have only a soft shade or none whatsoever. Let your lips do the talking and enjoy the power of red!

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  1. I was wearing red lipstick for the first time at work and I got so many great compliments, I felt rather feminin too :) Thanks for a great blog!

  2. It is usually hard to find knowledgeable individuals like you, but you sound like you know exactly what you are writing about! With thanks

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