Do You Feel HOT Everyday ?


What makes you feel HOT? Think back to a day when you felt really great or received lots of compliments.

What was it that you did to get that feeling? Put on your favourite lipstick? Dance to your favourite tune? If you haven’t already done so, why not make a list and add one of your favorite things each day.

In my experience, when I have done or put on something that made me feel great, people could sense it.  When you feel positive, it attracts great things in life. So why not start now? Go and do something you love and that makes you feel fab.

Here are just a few things that makes me feel fab every day:
1) To let the ones I love know it! I’m so thankful to be married to the best husband and have an absolutely wonderful family.

2) A good breakfast. Greek yoghurt with honey, almonds and berries. This helps to give me an energy boost first thing in the morning.

3) A great long run in the forest, or if I’m really busy, even just 30 minutes on the power plate. Healthy exercise is a great way to promote good feeling and energy! Repose Studio in Buckhurst hill is amazing for Power Plate classes.

4) Amazing shoes with just the right design. My beloved Gucci shoes are still going strong after many years :)

5) Great quotes and poetic proverbs. I love it when deep things can be said in a simple sentence.

6) Taking photos. I love to see the world through my lens and capture those moments where I felt really good.

7) A spray of my favourite perfume Chance from Chanel. Easy things that make me feel beautiful.

8) My old and faithful Gucci calendar/purse. It contains pretty much my life in it: a photo of my love, drawings and all my to do lists. We’ve been together for 10 years and been through alot and it still looks great! It’s filled with amazing memories.

9) Getting a great outfit for the day from my lovely wardrobe. I have everything visually ready and organised next to each other: accessories, shoes and clothes it makes so easy to get ready and stylish in a few minutes.

10) Using Almond or coconut oil before my shower, locks the moisture in and makes my skin soft even if the water is hard. Sanctuary – Therapist’s Secret facial oil, it’s great value for money and has a wonderful rose scent. It just feels so lovely and nurtures my skin.

So what wonderful things are you going to pick to feel HOT today?

3 thoughts on “Do You Feel HOT Everyday ?

  1. I know what you mean about the shoes, i have been walking around in 5 inch Pradas all day, people compliment them all the time but still seems to think I am crazy as i get so tall, but as far as I remember we’re about the same height so you know the feeling 😉

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