Top Tips for Getting the Best Out of the Summer Sale!

I don’t know about you but I’m already getting bombarded with sale events. So before the great summer sale really kicks off and you get completely high off all the great offers and promises of the money you can save, consider a few tips that will help you to buy the right things and avoid shopping mistakes :)


I needed a jacket and some tights with a difference and found these in the sale. I’ll get  endless use out of them because they tick all my boxes: They fit my style, body shape and colour; Great value for money and a great design. Love it! The tights were a wopping £80 from Rundholtz and I managed to swipe them for a way better price. They are already my favorite tights.

Be a Smart Sale Shopper
The following tips will help you to pick up some genuine bargains. If you follow these steps, you will be better equipped and make sure that you have used your hard earned cash on good choices.

Step One: Tune In

  • Be absolutely clear on what your style core, body shape and colours are.
  • Clear out anything from your wardrobe that doesn’t fit these three areas or is hanging there, draped in cob webs.
  • Figure out which items you really need. Get some advice on what really suits you, why some things work and others don’t.
  • Make a list of what’s missing from your wardrobe (the items that will bring other pieces in your wardrobe together).

Step Two: Turn On

  • Have a browse of offers online so that you can compare when you’re out and about. Remember online prices can get a little more expensive due to the postage.
  • Only buy things that you are going to love and that make you feel fab.
  • Don’t buy what you already have at home. If you don’t really need it, you won’t be saving any money!
  • Buy pieces that will go with 3-4 other things in your wardrobe. You can create more outfits!
  • If you are in doubt, then make sure the item is fully refundable.
  • Shop early in the week and early in the day to avoid long queues and big crowds.
  • The sales are an excellent time to head for the designer labels that you wouldn’t normally shop for.

Step Three: Drop Out

  • Grab that well deserved latte at the end of your successful shopping trip!

If you would like more advice on how you can make your wardrobe work better for you, or would like to be accompanied by your very own personal shopper, or both(!), feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation.

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What I am wearing: Jacket: Zara; Shirt: Cos; Tights: Rundholtz; Bag: Gucci; Shoes: French Connection/Marc Jacobs; Bangle: Portobello market.

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