Wear a Splash of Powerful Optimism & Light

I was so excited that summer was coming. I was so busy planning other people’s wardrobes before I went on my trip, that I was left with very little time to pack some items that could pull my travel wardrobe together. So here’s a glimpse of what I packed, to give myself that summer feeling in a few secs.

I have added a few yellow items to my wardrobe this season, which display warmth and optimism and give a feeling of brightness. This colour carries the same healing qualities that are associated with the sun and is often associated with optimism and light.

Remember, you can wear most colours if you get the shade right. You can wear more colours in the summer when your skin is tanned and if you’re already blessed with dark skin, then you have plenty of beautiful colours to play with this summer. To read more about how to choose the right colours for you go check my previous post  How to Choose the Right Colours for You.

And here is a quick look at what you’re signaling when you wear these colours:

Black: Power, mystery, elegance, prestige and sophistication
White: Clean, innocence, perfection, safety and faith
Brown: Intelligence, reassurance, safety and trust.
Light brown/Camel:  Genuineness and calmness
Red: Courage, strength, passion and love
Blue: Calmness, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and stability
Aqua: Health, healing, tranquility and softness
Green: Nature, growth, money, harmony and fertility
Yellow: Sunny, optimistic, joy, and intellect
Orange: Enthusiasm, creativity, determination and success
Pink: Romance, friendship and feminity
Purple: Royalty, power, luxury, nobility and ambition

What I’m wearing: Top: H&M;  Shoe: KurtGeiger; Bag: Vintage snakeskin clutch; Necklace: Wish; Sunglasses: Esprit; Pants: Zara; Silk tank top; Massimo Dutti.

3 thoughts on “Wear a Splash of Powerful Optimism & Light

  1. Hey kristina! You look great with colours!! I’m always bit shy to wear colours but definitely i will try more colours….personally I would like to start with blue! Thank you for great tips :) and also I love your GUCCI shoes xxx

  2. You’re so right about the shade! I’ve been so sad that because I though I couldn’t wear yellow and I love the colour. But recently I’ve found out that I can wear yellow, it just needs to be a more pastel tone.

    Love, Mary Jane

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