Future Fashion Tip… Lacey Sunshine into 2013

I have had this lace skirt for 4 years now and it still works with so many things. It’s still hot on the catwalk and will be all the way into 2013. Read on to see why…

Why lace is great:

  • It’s easy to wear in the summer time
  • It can be worn through winter, simply by combining it with a great knit or a leather jacket, tights and leather boots
  • The textures and beatiful lace can make it a unique piece
  • Lace keeps coming back, so it’s great value for money as well as good for the eyes!

Often when we buy a nice skirt, dress or other items, we only use them for special occasions. But by mixing and matching these items with others in your wardrobe, your style can get that edge and you end up getting much more wear out of all your clothes. Great style while saving money… What’s not to love?


4 thoughts on “Future Fashion Tip… Lacey Sunshine into 2013

  1. That’s something I definitely have to remember! There are so many dresses that I’ve bought where I’ve said “I’ll wear this one day to a nice gathering, and I still haven’t! Time to find ways to blend them into every day outfits!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  2. the colors match so well: your hair with your blouse and all with the blue sky, sunlight and sand. we both know that place well where you shot the photos, it’s special and there is a good light. you simply look great! Love, Silke

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