BLISS by the Beach & How to Travel Light

When the pulse of London gets too high, this is where I go to unwind, the stunning west coast of Denmark. I absolutely love this raw and amazing place. You can walk for hours and not meet a single person. The views are nothing less than incredible. So here’s how I quickly pack for a week away, with only hand luggage…

I love the feeling of not being over charged with extra fees for luggage and the feeling of being freer when I travel light. The money you save can go to delicious cocktails on the beach with your loved ones instead :)

  • Make a plan by thinking about what you’ll be doing on your trip day by day. As airlines squeeze us for every last penny with many now charging for checking in bags, it’s never been more important to pack light. That means not taking 10 pairs of shoes and five handbags. Pare it down. You’ll be glad you did it makes travel quick and easy.
  • Stick to neutrals. I like to mix and match, it’s critical when it comes to making the most of your travel wardrobe. Of course, your colour palette will also depend on where you’re going. A few good accessories so can dress your outfits up or down.
  • Keep it simple. While it may be tempting to have an outfit put together for each day, it’s usually not realistic and your suitcase will probably not close. Pick items that can be used for several outfits.
  • Pack lightweight wrinkle-free knits, shirts, dresses and tops. They’re perfect companions for easy vacation dressing. Your clothes will take up even less space when they are rolled up in your suitcase.
  • Get organized before you get to the airport. I carry a clutch inside a large tote bag that I can pull out at a moments notice. I use the clutch for documents, glasses, phone, keys, etc. It also doubles as an evening clutch. The larger tote can be used as a beach bag.
  • Leave your full-size toiletries at home. Think ahead and purchase travel-size containers before you leave for your trip, especially if you like to use a special shampoo or makeup. Buy an all-in-one makeup remover, or buy it when you get there if you can. Use plastic zipper bags to avoid leaky toiletries and stashing jewellery inside packed socks and shoes.
  • Comfort is the key. There are plenty of great stylish walking shoes available now. Never wear a pair of shoes that you’ve just bought and that haven’t been ‘road tested’. Otherwise you may be stuck with bad blisters for your whole trip.
  • I always wear heavy or more bulky items like a trench coat, sweater or jeans on the plane to save space in my luggage.
  • Don’t get caught in the ‘tourist’ trap. You can pack light and still be a stylish traveller. It may take a little more planning before you step onto the beach, but it’s worth it. Don’t make the mistake of wearing tatty jeans and sweatshirt with a bum bag on the plane. You’re going on holiday and might as well feel and look good!

What I’m wearing. Shirt: Oska; Bikini: Monsoon; Pants: Munthe + Simonsen; Necklace: Wish; Bag: Zara; Sunglasses: Esprit; Wedges: Sam Edelman. Gold Bracelet: Coast

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    • Thank you so much. The lipstick is actually a mix of no17 hot chilli from Boots (last a very long time) mixed with Boots no7 that is more of a lipglos. I mix it to get the right colour and feeling on my lips. Everyone can wear red lips even me :) Hope this is helpful

  1. great pics! I like your shirt especially, it looks so comfortably and fitting for this occacion of course. you’re a beauty. I usually count the days I would stay away and pick out clothes I can combine so I have not a too heavy bag to carry along. Hug, Silke

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