My Best Buy: Zara Shoes

Finally I had a chance to fly out from busy London to enjoy some amazingly sunny days in the land that flows with Carlsberg, amazing design and the home of stunning super model Helena Christensen. Yes, you guessed it – Denmark. I had a little read in Marie Claire on my flight and was happy to spot these shoes from Zara as being a ‘Best Buy’, because I bought them 2 months ago!

I have to say that normally I would prefer to spend a little bit extra, to get good quality. But these shoes have both great design, great leather and a great price of £49.95.

What’s not to love! However if you have shorter legs these might not be your best buy. The heavy ankle straps will appear to shorten your legs even though they have a high heel. (Check my earlier post “Simple Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer“).

I do have a romance with my shoes, but how can you not love something that makes you feel good :)

I’m off to stick my head into one of my clients closets now for a little Wardrobe Detox and do my duty for the day as a London Personal Stylist. Hope you will enjoy this sunny summer day!

3 thoughts on “My Best Buy: Zara Shoes

  1. So beautiful a blog and I admire the high heels … many years ago :) … but that does not mean I do not love high heels … it really gives longer legs and are very femenint. Wonderful shoes and I love the color. Have a good day

  2. when I was younger I used to go a lot on high heels but i cannot anymore, still have some though. I call them my “decoration” shoes because I only wear them if I do not have to go but sit most of the time 😉 I think you too can have nice shoes that are not that high but have a shorter heel :-)

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