Y.E.S. London Fundraiser Fashion Show

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I’m almost at the end of another busy personal styling week in London and I thought I’d finish it by sharing an amazing and inspiring event with you.

Last week I was cordially invited by the FOLD who hosted Y.E.S. Charity Fashion Show with Dress for Success London. I arrived at the beautiful showroom at the FOLD, where the room was bursting with smiles, champagne, canapés and amazing bargain designer pieces  in a pop up shop from net-a-porter.

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If you are a professional and have not already visited the The Fold showroom at Easton Regal, you might just want to peruse their timeless designs and great quality pieces.

Together with Dress For Success, The Fold had created a luxurious evening with a warm atmosphere and a fashion show with a great focus: equipping women on low incomes to feel and look ready for a career.

It was lovely to see that some of the models were women who had been helped by Dress for Success, to find themselves, get their confidence back and in landing a new job.

The Dress for Success fashion show, featured chic and sophisticated designs from The Fold´s own SS13 Collection together with other great designer items.


Guest Speaker, Miss World International 2013, Juanita Ingram


Coordinator at Dress for Success, Pauline Murphy


To the right founder of The Fold, Polly McMaster

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A warm summer evening in London spent among fab women, chilled champagne and stunning visions from designers like Oscar de la Renta and Matthew Williamson. All the proceeds from the evening went toward Dress for Success and their marvellous work.

If you would like know more about Dress for Success please visit their website at www.dressforsuccess.org.uk.

You can also visit The Fold at thefoldlondon.com.

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Gift Idea!! A London Personal Stylist Experience.


Are you struggling to find the perfect gift idea? As a London personal stylist, I receive more and more requests for offering personal and wardrobe styling as gifts.

It is becoming increasingly popular for thoughtful men to treat their wives or girlfriends to these for a special occasion, and even women gracing their husbands and boyfriends with a personal shopping experience.

It seems like romance is still very much alive :)


IMG_3046aIt really warms my heart to receive all the positive feedback from my lovely clients. I love to hear their experiences, thoughts and suggestions and use them to continue to improve on and exceed their expectations, by providing the best possible service.

My latest client received a wardrobe detox as a gift from her husband, what a clever fellow! She very kindly wrote a lovely post, in her personal blog, about her personal experience. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did, read it for yourself right here >>> herrolstyle.blogspot.co.uk

London Personal Shopping & Wardrobe experience.


“As a London personal stylist I am so thankful for the kind words and all the amazing recommendations coming my way. I have met so many lovely clients, it’s been such a pleasure to see the great result. That they are happy with it too, is the best reward I can get “

“Kristina – thank you! My wardrobe has never looked so fantastic and organised after the wardrobe cleanse and personal shopping. As you know I had so much rubbish in my wardrobe that it made it impossible to see the decent outfits, meaning it was stressful every time I got dressed. I now genuinely enjoy opening my wardrobe doors and seeing the choice of clothes I have.

I am not a big fan of shopping but you completely understood my style and the clothes that make me feel good, and I genuinely enjoyed the shopping experience. I didn’t feel under pressure to buy anything but ended up buying the majority of your recommendations because I liked them so much. You gave me an honest appraisal of how I looked in the clothes I was trying on and we were in agreement on everything, which was amazing!

You were also very conscious of my budget and made sure you included a range of items so that I could get as much as possible, whilst ensuring it was good quality, will last and will work with other items in my existing wardrobe. I would definitely have wasted the amount of money that I spent on your services, on inappropriate clothes which don’t go with anything, and I genuinely feel so much more organised and uncluttered at home. I will recommend you to everyone I know! Until next time…..Emma, Recruitment Manager, London, 2013.




My Personal Stylist London ‘Look of The Week’

Waking up on a sunny weekend in the beautiful Denmark and just saw that the great VAULT COUTURE have featured one of my looks yet again. What a lovely day, ready for my morning run and a grand homemade breakfast. So I wish all my amazing readers a very happy weekend.


Gucci Shoes & Wardrobe Spring Clean

Personal shopper, Personal stylist, StyleFig, Gucci shoesAs a London personal shopper and personal stylist life does get very busy and the more busy you get, the less time there is for tidying up. I’m sure you know this feeling: the wardrobe’s crowded with a million things but there’s nothing to wear?!

Well I can only recommend a wardrobe detox. I regularly keep my wardrobe in check with a wardrobe detox to ensure I can get ready and stylish in a few minutes. Having a perfect working wardrobe means it’s cheaper in the long run, and you will always look stylish. Another great benefit is that you only need to spend your hard earned money on a few great finds instead of a lot of ‘just okay’ items.

Like these old, but still amazing, Gucci shoes. They go with most of my wardrobe and keep surviving one wardrobe detox after the other.Personal shopper, Personal stylist, StyleFig, Gucci shoes, London Personal Shopper, London Personal Stylist IMG_0525 Personal shopper, Personal stylist, StyleFig, Gucci shoes, London Personal Shopper, London Personal StylistDoing a wardrobe detox and having a personal shopping experience will leave you energized with a feeling of control, while you discover new outfits. This is a great help when life gets busy and you still have to look your best.

You may be surprised at how many things you have lying around, not doing anything. Clothes can either send you positive or negative signals or memories. Like the ‘you used to fit me’ jeans can be a constant negative reminder. Spring time is the perfect time to get the wardrobe you always wanted.

So my Gucci shoes survived my wardrobe detox, I would love to know what survived yours? Leave a comment :)

I found Kristina’s work very creative and inspirational. They way she puts clothes and accessories together are fabulous! As a new mother in my early 30’s, I needed my wardrobe to reflect a touch of class that would be both timeless and affordable, which Kristina managed beautifully. I will definitely be recommending Kristina to all the classy ladies I know, so they too can have the ‘StyleFig’ experience!” S. Turri, London

London Personal Styling & UK Jewellery Awards 2013


I had the great pleasure to style and photograph this amazing jewellery from Kohatu+Petros. They have now been nominated for the best boutique retailer in UK 2013.

This was one of my favourite photos of this thrilling day. After styling the model, I caught the reflection of the light and flowers while you could still see the beautiful designed jewellery.

I wish Kohatu+Petros all the best with at the UK Awards, this is a must visit boutique in London.


The London Personal Stylist & Shopper “How to find the perfect pair of shoes”

I was out on one of my Personal Stylist ventures, personal shopping in Selfridges, on possibly one of the coldest days in March ever. But Selfridges’ stylish window display of shoes brought instant warmth to me.

I saw what lay ahead in the near future of the shoe world and we will soon be graced with colourful heels on our feet that will be sure to put a spring in our step. A pair of Jimmy Choos please Mr. Selfridges!

IMG_0172IMG_0163 IMG_0165 IMG_0169  IMG_0171IMG_0177

As a London Personal Stylist and Style Coach, women often tell me how they hate shopping, give up and end up buying another pair of shoes. I see drawers and cupboards filled with similar looking shoes at my clients lovely homes. When you add it all up, that’s a big amount of money for something that is not doing much for you.

I am probably one of the biggest shoe loving Personal Stylists in the world and I completely understand when it has been a difficult shopping day, with that horrendous fluorescent lighting in the fitting rooms that presents a ghastly reflection in the mirror that makes you want to scream! And buying yet another pair of black heels may seem like a quick fix with an easy way out, but it will NOT update your wardrobe.

So here are a few tips to get it right!

  • Identify what kind of shoes you are actually missing from your collection. After a wardrobe detox with StyleFig, you will identify exactly what items would make your wardrobe perfectly complete.
  • Shop for shoes at the end of the day. Feet swell and are a different size at the end of the day. The way a person’s shoe fits in the morning may differ later in the day.
  • The average person walks 3 times around the world plus several million trips to the bathroom, so don’t buy plastic shoes – you get what you pay for! Good quality leather with leather soles will adapt to your foot and a good quality shoe will make the outfit look chic!
  • Wedge shoes, platform, kitten heels or a big square heel, will still give good posture and make your feet/legs look great without the discomfort. With normal high heels, I always use soles which make it a lot more comfortable for the base of the foot.
  • Shoes should be comfortable in the store before purchase. An uncomfortable shoe in the store will still be uncomfortable outside the store. People do not grow into shoes. Shoe sizes vary between brands, so always try them on standing up and always do a test walk.
  • Buy the right size. If you are a size 7 don’t try to play Cinderella and squeeze into a size 6! Shoes that are too big or too small can increase pressures on the foot which lead to corns.
  • Buy shoes that match the natural shape of your foot. The shoe should allow adequate room for the arch and different contours of a person’s foot.


  • Buy the right shoe for the right job. Not all shoes are made to perform the same tasks. For a party, make sure you purchase party heels, which look stylish but remain comfortable. Trainers are a big part of the current fashion scene, so a great pair of street trainers can make you look very chic and be comfortable!
  • Even a lover of heels like me owns some flats. I normally carry a pair of flats with me when personal shopping, styling clients or between events. Shoe manufacturers design shoes for specific uses. To use a shoes outside their design can lead to injury.
  • Wear the right size heels! Be honest with yourself, or get a friend to watch you walk in your heels. If you find it difficult to walk in a particular set of heels, it’s better to have someone tell you than to risk walking like a duck. Heels should complement your posture and help you to look more elegant not less. Find heels that highlight your beauty!

If you would like the pleasure of wardrobe or shopping advice and want to save time and money, please feel free to contact me kristina@stylefig.com or drop me a line on 07975650753.

I would be thrilled if you would LIKE STYLEfig right here on www.facebook.com/StyleFig Thank you so much :)

GIFT IDEAS For Mothers & Other Great Women!

Need the perfect gift idea for your mother, wife or girlfriend? Sometimes it can be difficult to find the great gift ideas, but maybe it’s time to give an extra special surprise experience instead of a box of chocolates.IMG_4058



We all know how amazing mothers are – how they’ve looked after and cherished us for all those years, so they really do deserve to be celebrated. So maybe this time it would be great to give her a gift with a difference and one she will cherish for years to come… Why not treat her to her own personal shopping session, or an eye-opening wardrobe detox with style advice to make her feel even more amazing!

As a London personal stylist I have had the pleasure of helping many clients to feel really amazing and stylish and advising them on how easy it is to get the perfect wardrobe with all a variety of new possibilities from their existing clothes.



Here’s what one of my clients had to say:

“My amazing children gave me the best birthday present this year: I had a great tailored style test, wardrobe detox and a few hours of shopping and learning great principles for when I go shopping in the future.
It has been a great experience and liberating to look younger and slimmer in the clothes I normally think would not work. I feel it’s so easy to get dressed now and I feel more confident in my choices when using Kristina’s style principles. I can only give her my warmest recommendations”.
Melissa A.H. Kensington, London

You can now buy personal styling gift certificates with prices starting from £49 per hour and you can tailor your personal styling session however you like.
Please feel free to contact me on 07975650753 or email me at kristina@stylefig.com

You can also read more right here:
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STYLISH MEN! Personal styling & shopping for men.

As a personal London stylist and shopper I seem to get more and more requests from men (or from their partners on behalf of them), for personal styling services. Most men would like to look their absolute best and most hate shopping or don’t have the time to get a perfect outfit put together.

You probably know several that could benefit from this article, so why not do them a favour and send them this article, they might just thank you for it…

One of your most powerful weapons in this very competitive business world is your appearance. As a personal stylist and shopper, I know the way you dress is your first marketing tool and a decidedly powerful one.


STYLEFIG Photography


STYLEFIG Photography


Photo credit: Caught The Light Photography.

You only have one chance to make a first impression and get it right. Your clients, colleagues and boss are all very visual people. They react to you according to how put together you are. If someone is distracted by your presentation, they won’t pay attention to your expertise.

What impression are you making on your clients professionally? What do you want your clients to see and remember? Do you come across as confident – a man that is on top of the world? What does your personal brand say about you? If you don’t get it right, it can be a mistake that will hurt your budget as well as your career.

Behind every great man is a good advisor. This is true for presidents, CEOs and successful business men.  Consultants are there to train a man in the art of faultless execution that looks natural. And they never run out of clients.

If you’re in a field that demands a powerful, smooth and professional image, or if you want to hit the fast track running, you might want to consider hiring a personal shopper/style coach.



A stylist/personal shopper teaches men the things they need to succeed in a world where time is sparse, impressions count more than ever and a clean-cut image can make or break you.

I understand that in these economically challenging times that a personal stylist might appear as a somewhat lavish investment. But a only a smart man will see how getting the right principles of styling can reap massive rewards.

You will not only save money by learning what ‘not’ to buy, but also learn to spend money on clothing and accessories that are perfect for you, not to mention the impact this will have on your business and how great you feel.

Understand how your image impacts your own personal brand and get advice on how to dress effectively for business, while working within your body type, personal style and colours.

So maybe it’s time to quit procrastinating and to take action that will get the results you want. To be sure you get the right message across to your clients and colleagues and learn the secrets of good style, book a session and get effective tips that can last you a life time.

As a personal stylist, style coach and personal shopper, I can guarantee that you will get all the information you need to make your look your very best, while saving you time and money! I have many years of experience in  fashion and styling in London and Scandinavia. My clients include prominent individuals from the media industry, as well as the business and financial sectors.

For more information, contact me at kristina@stylefig.com or call on 07975650753.

As featured in WestEssexLife Magazine 2013

So what better way to start the year than with a fresh feature in this glossy magazine. I was happy to be one of the personal styling expert to give a little advice in this magazine. Check out style tips from STYLEFIG in the January issue of WestEssexLife Magazine…Jan_Mag_pg1Jan_Mag_pg3
If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact me for a friendly style chat on 07975650753 or you can also get in touch on kristina@stylefig.com